Bath's Gull Menace
Wednesday, June 19, 2013 at 9:10PM
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I'm delighted to have been appointed to my new shadow cabinet role of "Neighbourhoods". It's a big brief at the heart of life in Bath and includes: parks and recreation, libraries, heritage services, street cleansing and waste services, public toilets and public protection. It's the front line of what the Council does for us and its bearing more than its fair share of cut from the Council's Liberal Democrat administration. 

Evening ritual, birds aggressively and brazenly seeking out food on the streets!One of the long standing issues for the City is the Gull menace! I'm aware of the nuisance noise for those city residents is acute, I saw a Black Backed Gull yesterday attack a family, snatching away food from their table whilst dining al fresco on the new square by the Station and I was shocked by the mess on the streets last week, with refuse and food waste scattered on our World Heritage streets.

I am even more concerned by all the bird excrement on the streets, buildings, railings, hand rails and cars, the birds are known carriers of Salmonella, Campylobacter and a whole host of gastrointestinal illnesses. I had a report from a resident recently which is being investigated by Public Protection.

The pigeons move in once the sacks have been ripped open by the Gulls.From observations of street life this week, there is certainly a lot more could be done to deny the birds the food which is perpetuating Bath's Gull menace. I will be meeting with Council Officers soon to present my finds and observations and harness their skill in improving this public health issue in the future to the benefit of visitors and residents. 

Daily removal of trade waste but the gulls have got there before the contractor! A pedestrian slipped on the food waste residue and then gulls and pigeons cleaned up the mess!    This cannot be right in terms of public health one of the most visited cities in Europe. There has never been a public health issue that civilised society can't crack. It needs the political will and application of resources, something not quite there yet but I'm working on it!!

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